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Flight of the Shamanic Santa


Two great Tenger, Keiden Khan and Usan Khan, 

Talked about the old things 

Of long long ago,

When the heavens swirled with bright fog above 

and the earth did not have any corners below.

The grasess had not yet begun to grow, the great stag still a fawn,

the giant snake a worm, it was a beautiful time to look and to learn.


But times have changed, and now even the star people are troubled.


Gal Nurma Khan, a fearsome sorcerer has arisen to destroy the Earth.

Snarling his dark oath; ”Mankind will die in one generation!”

Gal Nurma Khan went to the land of the yellow lake,

Where he prepared three hundred evil spirits and thirty demons 

to lead them,

With yellow spotted horses, beards, and robes, 

Yellow lice for their food.

Then he traveled to the land of the blue lake,

And prepared there three hundred evil spirits with thirty demons 

to lead them,

With blue spotted horses, beards and robes, 

Blue lice for their food.

Going further to the land of the black lake.

He prepared three hundred evil spirits, with thirty demons 

to lead them,

With black spotted horses, beards and robes, 

Black lice for their food.


Nine hundred evil spirits and Ninety demons now lay waste to the Earth 

Their damage acute,

Flowing waters they poison at source, 

Growing plants they pollute at their root,

The land infested by their snakes of suffering,  

The Earth dying, her people crying.

Anthrax and plague killing them cold, 

Sickness dances with hunger and need takes both young and old.

The people and creatures die, by day, by dusk and by night 

Sad spirits fly.


Altai Ulaan, Shaman of the North, 

Heard the cries of the suffering all around him.

From the city of Ultima Thule where they call him 

SantaHo ClausHeim,

To consult with the Council of Stars – 

Where they call him Little Jolnir Longbeard the fine,

And to Keiden Khan and Usan Khan, where they call him Friend.


In the bleak mid-winter – on Earth hard as iron,

With the wild wind wasailing all round us.

Walking outwards and onwards and father and further,

Walking onwards As Snow falls on snowfalls.

Long time was our Altai travelling thgrough fields and towns,

Passed woodland glades where there was dancing,

Over barren planes and all kinds of strange,

To the Great Forest of the formlessness found him.


Here these Tenger greet Altai Ulaan with delight,

They made a feast that lasted eight days and forty two nights.

On the ninth day they talked about the important things due,

Things which have changed and which should never be true.

It was decided to take their message through the skies to the Stars,

And to the great Grandmother Manzan Gurme, Ancestor of ours.


And Altai Ulaan asked his friends then 

“Will you give me the four magic breaths for my journey as wren?”

Keiden Khan looked to Usan Khan and after a moment  

“We Will Give Them!” they said.

And Altai Ulaan grinned and then he said 

“Will you give me the white steed to cross the ten thousand realms?”

And they gulped 

“We Will Give It!” as his forebearance overwhelms.

Altai paused and then whispered aloud 

“Will you give the healing heartmind that is placed on the crown of the brow?”

And they gasped 

“We Will Give It!”  as the heavens allow…

Then Altai laughed 

“I will climb the thousand storms, take our message through the sky to the Stars 

And to Grandmother, give I!”

Keiden Khan and Usan Khan  heard his wise decision with gladness, 

And they confirmed it just so to defeat the bad badness.


Riding his drum, his shamans journey begun, 

Altai Ulaan began his transcending.

With thirteen magicks on his palm and twenty-three on his fingers,

Into trance he advanced crossing one realm into another, 

Past many countless ringers.

Be wary here lest lost in fear the path without a footfall beyond all going,

Ride on Altai Ulaan and rise on and rise up, 

Follow the way of the spirits formless flowing.

To Grandmother Gurme – Altai Ulaan was shamanizing…….


And he called through the skies, to the great yurt beyond sighs,

”Grandmother Gurme please do arise!

You who gave birth to the ten thousand most freely,

Now Nine hundred evil and Ninety demons beseige we.

And Gal Nurma Khan – his wickedness deceives us,

Our flowing waters pollute, our plants uproot, our existence by maggots  is eaten and moot.

My message I send, fly straight to the end, 

To my Grandmother the Great Manzan Gurme!”


This message overflowing with illness and disease tumbled up directly

On Altai’s heart breeze,

To Grandmother Gurme who 

Was filled with amazement and with woe……..


Looking in her magic mirror she saw the Earth world below:

And the ninety demons and the nine hundred spirits 

Of Gal Nurma Khan grow.

Their noses like stovepipes running strings – bubbling snots,

Eating Black pots of lumpy disgusting things and foul blots.

Walking upright – topless hats on their heads, soleless boots on their feet,

Riding tailless horses raising black fogs over Earth’s pathways and streets.

Slithering like worms and swarming like flies,

They trample the animals and peoples to die.


Grandmother sipped from her cup of reflection,

And then she said, with a powerful inflection;

“The orphaned and the lonely, and the people of the Earth,

Tormented and dying and passing away.

Being mowed down like hay, and broken like reeds,

Those who travel out destroyed on the road,

Those who remain home decayed all the same.

It is your fault foul Gal Nurma Khan –

And You will correct it as soon as you can!”

Having said her say under a dark stormy sky,

She went back to her home and the messengers fly.


Sent out in the ten thousand directions 

Of the dark-bright-heavens twinkling,

To call a meeting of Stars to make a wise decision for the unjinxing.

We meet on the moon to make a beautiful decision true,

The Stars, Gal Nurma Khan, will keep no place for you.

You will change now, or you will ever be banished.

And as you are vanished we recover our kinfolk,

We send sacred starlight to heal them from your yoke.



Altai Ulaan returned to his friends,

On a comet his spirit  traveled in reverse of acsend.

And the three great spirits greeted each other again,

With joy and delight to his earthly needs tend.

Altai Ulaan brought them gifts from above,

The certainty of change and the promise of love.

With the steadfast knowledge that all will eventually be well,

Now that Star nations to Earth’s needs abseil.


Knowing that it was now soon, the time to be leaving,

Before sadness came to Keiden Khan and Usan Khan grieving,

Altai Ulaan, Shaman and friend beset him away,

With a blessing and a laughter that you can still hear, to this day…..


c.Celestial Elf. 2013.

 Inspired by and adapted from aspects and characters in The Epic of King Gesar





Santa Claus Origins in the North;

Most religious historians agree that during the Christianization of Northern Europe local traditions were incorporated into the new Christian holidays to make them more acceptable to the new converts, thus Saint Nicholas was elevated for his kindness to the poor and Santa Claus was created, a Christianized version of earlier Pagan gods.

In support of this view, Santa researchers agree that many aspects of Santa derive from The Norse mythology.

Thor was the god of the peasants and the common people, represented as an elderly man, jovial and friendly, with a long white beard. His element was the fire, his color red and his chariot was drawn by two white goats (Cracker and Gnasher). He was fighting the giants of ice and snow, and thus became the Yule-god.

Contrastingly,  the Prose Edda, written in the 13th C, describes Odin as riding an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir (Santa originally had eight reindeers, Rudolph was nine) that could leap great distances, giving rise to comparisons to Santa Claus’s reindeer. Tradition has it that Odin led the souls of the dead on a furious cross-country ride during the twelve ‘bad’ days between Christmas and Epiphany (January 6). The resulting gale carried along the seeds of the produce of the fields, stimulating fertility. The apples, nuts, and other autumn produce given around St. Nicholas Day were symbols of fertility and by giving the Gods these symbolic presents during the cold, dark winter days would result in increased fertility for man, animal, and soil.


According to religious historians & astrologists, Santa’s magical journey on his sleigh around the whole planet in a single night, is apparently developed from the ‘heavenly chariot’ used by many Gods from whom Santa and other shamanic figures are descended.


The Shaman traditionally undertake vision quests into many spirit realms to communicate with Gods, Nature Spirits and even deceased people on behalf of an individuals need or for the community – a literal paralell to Santa’s allegoric flight around the world. Shamen also return with gifts, not toys, but messages for the individuals and the tribe, concerning the year to come, their hunts and harvests, the fate of their world.( more here )


Shamanic Healing;

Shamans gain their knowledge and the power to heal by entering into the spirit dimensions by means of trance like states induced by repetitive drumming, and plants with psychotropic qualities to further their altered perceptions of reality beyond the physical constraints of normal reality in the earth plane. The shaman may have or acquire many spirit guides, who often guide and direct the shaman in his/her travels in the spirit world. These spirit guides are always present within the shaman though others only encounter them when the shaman is in a trance. The spirit guide energizes the shaman, enabling him/her to enter the spiritual dimension and thuis t gain the wisdom or undderstanding he needs to help or heal the individual or society. In shamanism it is believed that part of the human soul is free to leave the body. The soul is the axis mundi, the center of the shamanic healing arts. Shamans change their state of consciousness allowing their free soul to travel and retrieve ancient wisdom, gods and great spirits of nature.



Mongolian Tenger, Chotgor, and other Nature Spirits;

There are many different types of spirits in the sky and in nature recognised in Shaman spiritual awareness; some are very strong and cannot be mastered by shamans, others are relatively easy to control. No spirit should be disturbed or controlled unless for the purpose of restoring balance, and not for any frivolous purpose. Spirits are not greater or lesser than living things with bodies, only different in essence, and should be treated with the same respect as humans or animals. The strongest of the nature spirits are the sky spirits, tenger, who live at each of the four directions. Tenger are very powerful and cannot be controlled, but they can be called for assistance during shamanist rituals. The greatest of the western tenger is Ulgen, son of Father Heaven and lord of the spirits of the upper world. The greatest of the eastern tenger is Erleg Khan, Ulgen’s brother and lord of the spirits of the lower world. Usan Khan, the lord of the water spirits, is invoked from the southern direction; Keiden, also known as Tatai Tenger, is invoked from the north, he is the controller of violent weather, lightning, and tornadoes.


The sky is also home to the Endur spirits, who are the suns souls of humans that have lived such outstanding lives that they do not return to the lower world. They are not as powerful as tenger, but live in clouds and cause rain to fall.


The Earth is home to a great variety of spirits, including chotgor, ozoor, ongon, burhan, and gazriin ezen spirits. Among many Siberian tribes these nature spirits are known collectively as the ayyy. Chotgor spirits, also known as kut or abaasy, are frequently the cause of disease, mental illness, or confusion. Some chotgor are the suns spirits of dead people who did not find their way to the lower world or came back from the lower world. In such cases a shaman simply needs to send them to their proper home. Other troublesome spirits have never been incarnated but simply exist in nature. After being mastered by a shaman they can become helper spirits. ( more here )



Santa Claus Gift to you;

The true gift of Santa Claus then, lies not in the fraught or hopeful exchange of gifts or toys, but in celebrating our individual health and community health and well being, priceless gifts from Divine Nature:The gifts, of perception and awareness, that allow us to witness the beauty of this life and its many wonders, of seeing the solstice sun, or hearing joy in the voices of our children and friends, of love…..

So when the jolly Shaman gifts you with his blessings this year, remember that the Nature which expresses itself in endless galaxies of light and wonder, also celebrates its existence in you and through you, that is his real gift…..


Blessed Be By Starlight and True Sight,

May you Ever Share Infinities Delight.

Ho Ho Ho.



c.Celestial Elf. 2013.

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