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The Sacred Quest

As You Learn To Live With Care,
Your Deepest Love Flows Everywhere.

Activating Channels Unknown Before,
The Spirits Song Raises The Core.

King & Queen Transcending Life,
Thy Heart & Soul Become Sacred Wife..

We All Are Called To Humbly Rise,
Wear the Timeless Mantle Of Freedoms Wise.

Now Walking Gently, Kindly, True,
Your Kingdom Come,
Your Quest Is  You.

Loving in freedom

Sailing In Silence Beyond Pauses Deep & Rich,
Nature Overflows With All, Both Ecstacy & Bliss,
Your Heart Is Question, Path & Answer,
Growing Through Life’s Mists,
Your Heart Is Where Your Start Is,
Welcome, Bienvenue, this is the place, Now Enter…

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