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Samhain Song


The sun is bright nolonger – nor warm,

Old branches hung with sleeping.

The great wheel turns, another year,

Into the darkness fleeting.

Of questions asked with breath bowed words,

leaf rustle – bird’s wing whispers.

The rivers tale unfolds a dream,

Moonlight paints winters whiskers.

As darkest night cracks silent stars,

And shapes shift slowly creeping.

In meadows that the scythe has hewn,

Now Samhain fires are leaping.

The dance of life is spinnning on,

Death cleaves and weaves light lowly.

The welcome chant as earth grows cold,

my heart, a north wind only.

The Veil Is thin and gates wide swung,

The Netherworld is dawning.

Samhain arrives with setting sun,

An Otherworld is yawning.

“Ancestors one and Kinsfolk all,

We invite you now to hearth and hall.

Come tell us of your travels hence,

And share your wisdom, recompence.

I ask you lay your blessings here,

In this season of waning of light.

That darkness not be heavy to bear,

And journeys end be bright.

Now hear the voices of the dead,

Uncounted jewels around us.

Of grandafther gone – grandmother led,

from sky – tree – earth they found us.

And one by one the spirits come,

laughing beside our firesides.

Tender tales of sights unknown,

forewarnings of the darksides.

And all too soon the gathering ends,

beloved friends departing.

To Otherworld they do return,

Another year advancing.

As fires quell – through mists one yell

Samhain’s bright blessing heard we;

My time is come – now heed my tell,

And Ever Joy beside thee;

Our ancient blood runs in your veins,

The spirit of our heart your keep.

Our wisdom shared to guide you on,

Thus Take and Give – Remember.

By Cauldron of Earth and Blossom of Bone,

The Circle of Life is Unbroken.

By Depth of Sea and Light of Star,

The forms of Life are but Token.

So Mote It Be!

Samhain Song by Celestial Elf (60)

Samhain the beginning of the “darker half” of the year – the veil is thin between the worlds of the living and dead. As at Beltane, special bonfires are lit to protect the community. Feasts are also held, at which the souls of dead kin are invited and a place set at the table for them.Originally the “Feast of the Dead” was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the “wandering dead”. Single candles are also lit in a window to guide the spirits home. Original Poem c. Celestial Elf 2013 c. Celestial Elf. 2013

The Wizards Treeing Exercise

The Wizards Treeing Exercise
As presented by The Guardian Of The Tree

Wizards can connect with the One source
As well as the Goddess/Dragon of the Earth
By the act of Treeing,
Using the inner center of energy that resides within
& is considered to exist in the lower abdomen area just below the navel.

In nature Trees start their growth from a seed,
First the tap root bursts out to anchor itself to mother Earth,
And draw sustenance,
Second the seed starts to grow stem and leaves
To receive the energy of the sun
Which it uses to feed the roots.
This backwards and forwards motion of Earth sustenance through roots
& receiving of energy to feed the growing Tree is the way of Tree growth.
This is also the method that Wizards utilize when Treeing.
Except, Wizards and Students of Wizardry
Exchange the minerals and water of the Earth
for Mother Earth’s pure silver energy
& Wizards also exchange
The Sun’s light for the Golden Light of the Divine Universe.


Stand upright
Feet apart in a natural pose in line with your hips,

Arms hanging loosely at your side,
Relax and close your eyes

A golden orb of light high above your head

A silver ball of light deep in the Earth
That is the center of the Earth Dragon…

Now visualize
A ball of white light just below the navel,
This is your energy,
You are a living creature of light
And this ball of energy can exist within and without of your body.

Now visualize
This energy streaming down your legs into the Earth

Deep into the Earth spreading out like roots of a Tree
Towards the silver ball of the Earths energy,

Now Imagine
Your energy roots drawing up the strength of the Earth
Through your legs up the spine and through the body

Then visualize using the energy
To grow a Tree through the crown of your head,

The Tree growing tall, spreading branches and growing leaves
To capture the golden light of the Divine.

When you have stopped your Tree growing,
Feel the energy coming back into the lower abdomen
To strengthen the inner-self

Allow the light to flood out into all that you are,
Filling your whole body and every single cell
With the universal Divine Love

And the nourishing strength of the Earth…..

The Wizards Treeing Exercise presents the meditative aspect of Treeing – How Wizards Connect To The Universe and was written by Stanley Stewart Master Wizard Of The Wayfinders Association of Modern Wizardry. The full account plus many more enlightening aspects can be found on their website here >>>

From the Association of Modern Wizardry,

About Treeing;

With practice, the act of Treeing will become second nature, those that already practise meditation or other forms of inner energy control such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga will find that Treeing is a more profound method of joining your energies with the Earth and the Divine. Once accomplished you will discover that with practice your Treeing retains its connection to the Earth and the Universe wherever you are and you will be able to know that your Tree exists at all time, drawing in the golden energy of the Universe.Although the act of Treeing can be accomplished while in any position, standing helps the beginner to visualize easier.Another stage of Treeing will be to visualize growing your Tree branches and roots out to meet and touch the natural Trees of the Earth where you will be able to join your energy with the Trees of the Earth this will allow you to directly input your unconditional love into all of nature and the universe

When you feel you are ready to move to the next step, you can allow your third eye sight to expand outside yourself, (keeping your eyes shut) through the skin of your physical body and through the inner layers of your aura, can you feel and see your aura, at this point? some people can see multiple colours, some can see only one colour of a glowing aura, the multiple colours represent the emotional colours of your aura, while the single colour of a glowing aura would be your inner etheric aura. (typically blue), it is not unusual to see both manifestations while Treeing, although typically you may only experience one manifestation of your aura, this is the individual nature of seeing and reflects your emotional feminine / male side of which you are at this time.


Become The Tree and Blessed Be ~

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas….


Twas the night before Christmas or Yuletide Or Such…
Of the day Im not certain but I remember this much,
The North-winds were blowing Snowstorms through the air,
Forewarning that Odin soon would be there.

The Lords of Misrule had danced and had fed,
Along Earth Mother’s Night where mistletoe paths joyfully led,
And now the people of this world, and above and below,
had withdrawn to their hearths, to their kinsfolk and so…

Then out in the heavens there arose such a clatter,
I ran out from my fireside to see what was the matter,
Away thoughts and memories I flew in a flash,
Tore open the curtains and went out in a dash.

There shinning bright neath Cerridwen’s moon,
Like midday in middle earth lay the snow all around strewn,
And as my eyes raced around for the source of the clamor
I be-spied Odin the Wise, in such grandeur, I stammer…

Across midnight sky in reindeer sled did he fly,
The Holly King himself with Eckhardt and the spirits of those who did die,
For tis the 12 nights of Yuletide and this heavenly crew,
Odin leads across rainbow bridge to their afterlife new.

As howling storms before that wild hurricane fly
So more and more spirits mount this magical sky,
Beyond the edge of the moon and outside of time,
To the North-lands beyond knowing they disappeared with a sigh.

In relief and quite awestruck I turned to go home,
Then heard the King’s laughter and I froze as if struck by the Crone,
”Now Sleipnir and Cracker and Gnasher and Vixen,
To the children of Asgard we must dash on our mission…

For this is the night we bring our blessings to bear!”
Then a tinkling on roof of each reindeer hoof did I hear,
I gathered my cape and for Goddess protection beseech
When down lept Black Eckhard on me his flaming eyes reached..

Then Holly King Odin, his voice like thunder did call,
”Now now dear black Eckhardt, let us raise those who did fall”
And dressed in a red cloak from his head to his foot,
His hair and his beard with starlight gently shook.

And his one eye gleamed bright as he laughed with delight,
As beside him his Eckhardt to lead wicked from fright..
Of Odin’s good humor, he was a right jolly elf,
Set my terrors departed as he smiled at my self.

He spoke no more words but went straight to his work,
Placing omens and icons and keepsakes on earth,
Invoking the New Sun, the New Year and Weddings
That fruitful be harvest, casting seeds in fields bedding’s.

His midwinter missive on Yuletide and Christmas now done,
They sprang into sleigh to depart ere the day come,
But before they were long gone and echoing still,
His laughing call rang out clear…
Happy Yuletide to All, and to All a goodnight!

Original poem by celestial elf.
with thanks for inspiration to Clement Clarke Moore 1823. or Henry Livingstone

The Ancient season of Yule which includes The Midwinter Solstice (the shortest day of the Year, 21st December) is a Sacred time of reflection and celebration. Many different cultures from the Nordic Vikings and Celtic Druids, the ancient Egyptians and Hopi Indians have ritualized this time to promote Spiritual Unity, Peace and Joy.

Yuletide Dates:
December 21, 22, 23
December 24 Mother’s night, (Modraniht (Anglo-Saxon)
December 24 – January 6 = The 12 Sacred nights/’Time between the Years’

The 13 Sacred Days & 12 Sacred Nights

The Magickal season of deepest darkness starts in the Celtic tradition at Samhain, slightly earlier in the Nordic tradition.
During this supernatural time of Yuletide we may walk between the worlds.
Now that the veil between the worlds is thin, all sorts of Otherworldly beings including the dead roam the earth, we may even encounter elves or trolls and also Gods and Goddesses.

The Twelve Sacred Nights of Yule start with Mother’s Night (December 24th) and are considered the ‘Time Between the Years’, the difference of days between the lunar year and the solar year.
As the old would end with Winter Solstice the New Year would only start at the end of the Rauhnaechte (January 6th).
During this time Odin rides the storm winds with his army of the dead, both in the Wild Hunt and also leading them to their afterlife new, most importantly the ensuing storms in their wake stir the fertility of the earth for the New Year…

Odin appears to be ‘blind’ in one eye which he sacrificed at the Well of Wisdom for Understanding, with this eye he sees the underworld and afterlife…

The tradition of bringing sprigs of Holly and Ivy into the home pays homage to the masculine and feminine elements.
Both of these powerfully magickal plants are evergreen, a reminder in itself that the earth never dies, but merely sleeps during the winter months.

A Happy Yuletide To You All!

Ho Ho Ho 😀

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