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Trust Your Intuition….

Follow your dream,
It is more than a scheme.
With Action and Choice,
You Transcend the Old Voice.
With Effort and Attention,
You Nurture new Joy.
With Freedom and Wonder,
Engage and Employ.

But Remember this,
The Path’s Yours Alone.
And Whilst Others may Share,
Your Inner Light Everywhere,
The Inner Temple of Truth,
Is Your Gift if you Dare.

If Truly Blessed,
You may Walk Now Together,
On this Brief Sweet Voyage,
Of Infinities Endeavour.
Discover, Uncover and Reveal every Day,
The Secret thats Writen in Hearts All the Way.

So Walk You Together, or Walk You Alone,
But Ever Nowfollow Your Sacred Path Home.

Loving in freedom

Sailing In Silence Beyond Pauses Deep & Rich,
Nature Overflows With All, Both Ecstacy & Bliss,
Your Heart Is Question, Path & Answer,
Growing Through Life’s Mists,
Your Heart Is Where Your Start Is,
Welcome, Bienvenue, this is the place, Now Enter…

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