Baba Yaga Reclaimed

 I came across this interesting account and wanted to share it;

Once Upon a Time, there lives an elder named Baba Jaga, she was a loving woman and very powerful shaman, respected by all the rand tribes people. But one day, vampires of earth came, men who lead large armies under the Vatican’s command. 700 years ago, and when the demon warriors of the church, came, they were only following the orders of their Vatican leaders.

And they wanted Baba Yaga dead in the Slavic and Balkan lands, so first they destroyed her reputation as a Grandmother, a sin under the heaven and earth, that reaps a most severe punishment from the primordial grandmothers who are eternal.

Then they made up lies about Baba eating babies and stealing children, the second sin they committed, then they killed her women, her medicine and her soul, the third. These demons raged through the villages, forest and mountain to kill all Baba healers,who were wise sages before religion had ever touched these sacred lands, and then they destroyed her teachings and finally her original myth as shaman and wind whisperer, until all that was left, was her corpse, laying in the mud, raped and beaten.
Then the church tortured and raped her until only her name would be spoken in vain and images of her would only carry their darkness on her face. They even killed and destroyed the most sacred alkonost’s, siren’s and magpie women.

After 700 years of this oppression Baba Yaga is finally returning to wholeness, for Spring always returns in the circle of life and Mother Earth has commanded her wisest Baba’s to restore what was corrupted. She gladly said yes with a song in her sweet voice. Knowing that sending Demons to hell is one of her favorite jobs.”
  * * *
In response to queries over the nature and orientation of Baba Yaga, was she not fearsome before she was demonized by Christian orders, I have researched further. Even when Baba Yaga appears in the most unfavorable light and has a ferocity of nature, she still knows the future, has countless treasures, and knows secret knowledge – all typical aspects in the portrayal Shamanic Wise Women and Healers.
Often she is said to live in the densest forest, which further scared people and added to the mystery and fear surrounding her because the forest is perceived as the boundary between the world of the dead and the living. No wonder then that her hut is surrounded by a palisade of human bones and skulls and that in many fairy tales, Baba Yaga eats human flesh.

Incidentally many magical practitioners of various sorts have employed aspects of death such as use of skull or grave dirt etc in their work of divination and beyond, including the pre Buddhist Bon magicians of Tibet (whilst Tibetan monks have also been known to use goblets carved from human skulls) and a ‘symbolic’ eating of flesh (usually by the super-natural entity) is well attested in accounts of Cunning folk and their familiar or faery spirit helpers, as well as in many forms of Christianity.

The Entsiklopediya mythology also claims that originally Baba Yaga has been a god of death: a woman with a snake tail, who guarded the entrance to the underworld and accompanied the deceased souls of the dead on their journey. This is somewhat reminiscent of the ancient Greek maiden-snake. According to ancient myths, from his marriage to Heracles Echidna gave birth to the Scythians, and the Scythians are considered the earliest ancestors of the Slavs –

Therefore whilst Baba Yaga may indeed have been a fearsome old woman that lived in a house made of bones before further demonisation by the Church, these aspects of her status as a healer and Wise Woman need not be in conflict to any extent at all. 

Blessed Be those that See xx ~

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  1. I’m so happy you wrote this. Kundalini! I had a visit by Baba years back and it changed my perspective on the story of women. I had no idea Baba was a popular Russian folk deity. But I read the name in a book and it struck a cord like instant familiarity. And since only by name I knew her but I wanted to know more she came to me in any form she wanted. The first time Baba showed herself to me she did appear as an old crone everything about her said mystical and ancient but she ddnt look russian lol! She look african to me with midnight black skin and white wild hair peaked under an old shaw and she carried a cane as we passed eachother she grinned a toothless grin and had these pale grey eyes… like cataracts! like she was blind but she was looking directly at me. Something made me stop and bow my head to her and she bowed her head back and we stared at each other for a bit while wild wind rushed around us, then she carried on and kept walking. Leaving me there staring at her back. I went deep into women’s studies after that. I think every culture has a Baba. She tells the story of wombman and what happened to our magic. Going further into studies I found whole cultures and nations a Baba Yagas. Root women, The Cybeles, The Amazons, The Egyptian and Nubian Priestesses, The Druids and Celts, two headed women, mystics, shamans, teachers, midwives, all have the same story. Baba is a wonderful deity to work with. Someone once said she may come in a frightening figure but she’s never done that with me, and I think its ppls misconceptions from turning a real life atrocity into popular folklore and myth. She’s always very calming and has the best advice. She’s come to me as a Native American woman with wild white hair dressed in plain leather and lots of talismans but her face younger in this form but still mature. And I advise any woman who is going through a hard time and in need of good advice and healing seek Baba she understands better than most shes been there.


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