The Life and Times of a Modern-day King

The Trials of Arthur:Five Star Book Review;
Arthur Pendragon and Christopher James’

The Trials of Arthur: The Life and Times of a Modern-day King.

Brilliant Book detailing the return of England’s Ancient Leader, King Arthur in person.

Providing an account of his early life as John Timothy Rothwell, his progression from Biker Gang to British Army and subsequent return to the highways and byways as King John, so named by his friends because he held parties in the ruined castle at Odiham known as King Johns Castle.

As circumstances continued to present inescapable similarities of events and of personal identity, and following his Druid belief in reincarnation, he officially changed his name to became Arthur Pendragon on 11 June 1986.
Following his new calling, his campaigns on behalf of the people of Great Britain against injustice done to them such as in The Poll Tax, and on behalf of the natural sites of Great Britain such as most famously, Stonehenge, have lead to his arrest over 30 times.
Taking his responsibilities to heart however, no such inconvenience be it obstruction by the Law or by adverse weather has slowed down Arthur’s actions on behalf of the people and the land.
For example of his dedication, he has stood vigil in all weathers fair and foul at Stonehenge to protest against and raise awareness of the British Governments control over the ancient religious site (in the form of English Heritage ) who have restricted access throughout the year and charge an entrance fee to enter this scared site.
His actions have to some extent proved successful as now Stonehenge is made available for all people to celebrate the Solstices.

Rightly earned then and as if an apparition from medieval times, Arthur was crowned ‘Raised Druid King of Britain’ by representatives from 5 druid orders on 3 January 1998 on the ancient Coronation Stone at Kingston Upon Thames. The small group of robed characters stepped magically past the everyday streets of a thriving shopping center in the town as Arthur climbed upon the Stone, all the bustle of the 20th C and its busy life providing an unlikely backdrop for this remarkable event.

A very Hearty and Heartfelt account full of derring do and of Down To Earth Druidry, following the path of Action.
Wether real or no, King Arthur has risen to meet the challenges before him with delight and good humor, Recommended.

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