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Titus, Titus, what can I say
Your voice inflames me, with the urge to play
Joy of the infinite kind does flow
Is here to stay, just aint gonna go
So send you now, some of me there
To wrap and entangle, in your sweet loving hair
And hold you in arms, mine, they do be
And cover you in kisses, all that I see
I love you on the inside, and the outside too
Cover you in energy, an electric kinda blue
And play with you joyfully, and skip to the beat
Need you to hold me, and tie me to seat
Tie me to the earth, and hold me just there
Look at me deeply, with your radiant stare
Take me most strongly, and bind me with light
To you I surrender, my old need to fight
Radiant stars, do flow from me sweet
Blessing do radiate from head to my feet
I call down our friends, to come in and play
To give all the wonder, of what they do say
Run around on the planet, with wonder and glee
To smother in love, all that they see
Freedom, immensity, love in a glance
Excess overspill of our romance
My love my love, my starburst, my song
Our heart now whole, to us does belong…..

Loving in freedom

Sailing In Silence Beyond Pauses Deep & Rich,
Nature Overflows With All, Both Ecstacy & Bliss,
Your Heart Is Question, Path & Answer,
Growing Through Life’s Mists,
Your Heart Is Where Your Start Is,
Welcome, Bienvenue, this is the place, Now Enter…

Joy and Laughter, Peace to all……

We begin each moment anew,
Allways free as we come and go,
Laughing throughout through in and about,
We begin each moment….

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